Innovations for Learning

TutorMate: Online Literacy Program
Mobile application design & development, branding, web design

TutorMate is a browser-based application that connects kindergarten and first grade students with adult tutors across the country. Tutors sync screens with students to share in literacy-building activities like story reading, games, and onset-rime assessments. 

Our team was charged with rebuilding the application from scratch with design needs for responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility, and a level of intuitiveness for both adults and children. The front-end interface was built with Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Websockets, and HTML5. The server stack included Ruby on Rails, Sidekiq, and Heroku.

TutorMate works. Over one third of my students were reading below level at the beginning of the year. By the end of the year they were all on target.

- Mrs. Dones, Ariel  Elementary Community Academy

This is a major upgrade for Teacher Notepad. The old version was awful.

- Mrs. McGarrigle, Evanston Elementary